Top 5 Best Wildlife Reserves in The World

By Flora HARSON and Jenny Chillery


Found along the border of Belarus and Poland, this reserve gives you the amazing nature of Europe and it is covered with forests and major plantations. The reserve boasts of major wildlife animals like the deer, boars and the bison plus other minor wild animals. It’s one among the few reserves that are found in Europe and it has experienced a lot of tourist attraction from both local and international tourists.

The presence of these wildlife reserves reminds us of the prehistoric times that man and animal used to have almost the same life. It is through wildlife that we can control our historic nature and the balance that has come under destruction by man. These reserves will continue to earn us the bragging rights and it is our responsibility to guide and preserve these wild animals.


The park is unique and extra ordinary in its features of the yellow reddish stones around the thermal pools which are hot and can burn. As much as it has these thermal pools, it is also a home to many wild animals like the bears which are very dangerous wild animals that cause harm to any human being. It also boasts of other wild animals like the wolves, bison and the elks.


Another f the east African countries that have another of the major wildlife that any tourist or even any person would love to see. By being a major foreign income earner of Tanzania in east Africa, the reserve has natural amazing scenery. This is the reserve that experiences the major greatest wild beast migration that happens between it and the Maasai Mara of Kenya. It also has species such as the zebras and the gazelles that also accompany the wild bests in the massive migration.


Found in the United States of America in the state of Wyoming, it is a very familiar and popular place full of tourists and visitors. With a large variety of wild animals all around the park, the place has been able to maintain its natural habitat to various famous wild animals and has been able to put America on the global map. Some of the major animals in the park consist of the Tetons which are very rare animals just to find around. Contain the largest herds of the elk and they often migrate between the national parks around between the rand national park and the national elk refuge.


Found in Zambia, this is another of Africa’s biggest national reserve that has been able to capture a lot of attention all around the globe. This reserve is among the largest and has a big area compared to others around the African continent. It was meant for tourist attraction and by now it has been able to accomplish it and establish itself as one major foreign income earner and an very attractive tourist attraction site. The reserve has a lot of wild animals under it which includes the leopards, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs and even wild dogs.


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