Learn how to prepare milked mashed potatoes with minced beef stew



½ kg raw minced meat

5 potatoes

1 onion

4 tomatoes

1 carrot

1 green pepper



250ml of milk

3 cubes of royco



Peel the potatoes and wash. Then boil the potatoes with salt for 15 minutes for them to cook.

While waiting for potatoes to cook take the minced beef and keep it in the bowl. Marinate the meat with little salt, little grinded garlic and ginger. Grind one cube of royco and add to the minced beef then continue to marinate.

Take the marinated minced beef and shallow fry with very little oil for it to cook. There after peel and cut the onion into small pieces, wash the carrot and green pepper and cut them as well in small in cubes. Wash the tomatoes and blend them.

After the cuttings, put the pan on the stove. Add little oil, then put onions to cook. When the onions begin to turn to brown color add little amount of grinded ginger and garlic then put carrots and green pepper for them to cook as well.

Add the blended tomatoes to the pan and little salt then leave the mixture to cook for a while. After few minutes grind the two left cubes of royco and add to the mixture. Put the shallow fried minced beef to the mixture and let it cook for few minutes.

Then take the boiled potatoes while hot, start mashing. You can use a masher or wooden spoon to mash. While mashing boil the milk and use it while mashing instead of water.

When the minced beef stew is cooked, take the mashed potatoes and serve it on the plate and garnish. Put the minced beef stew on the bowl. The food can be served with cold drink such as mixed fruit juice.


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