Bongo Fashion industry


By Lightness Mndeme

FASHION is under pressure as it is gaining more interests especially to the youths.

Many people have viewed this as an open window towards their economic prosperity as well as an opportunity.

A young upcoming model Ms Rachel Omari shared her story as she is already in the fashion industry as the Maisha Basement Top model competitions opened the doors for her.

She said modeling is just a hobby and she is highly inspired by the female models of Tanzania like Nancy Sumari,Jokate Mwengelo and Flaviana Matata,Ladiva Mullen as she look up to them ever since she desired the modeling life.

“I love doing modeling as it is my hobby I really have high expectations for what the future has to offer towards my career.”

Apart from being a model she is also a student at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) and and she does face various challenges including discouragement as well as others think as she pursues her carrier she might fail to perform well in school.

Among the challenges she mentioned is interruption of school and her work as at times she has to work while others are having classes therefore she has to take time to compensate for her missed classes.

“On the other hand modeling interrupts with my studies like sometimes I have a show to attend at night and in the morning the next day I have to go to classes so sometimes I miss classes but I’m grateful as this doesn’t bring my academic life since I find time to compensate what I missed”

Everything abides with support from loved ones.

To Ms Omari things are okay as she has all the support she can carry. She said that she is thankful that her friends have been supportive to her as they have encouraged her in many things.

Above all she is thankful that her family also plays a role towards what she does even though her mother is worried about her academic life.

“My sister supports me well and I am thankful that mom doesn’t say no to what I do though she is just worried that this work may discourage me in my studies.” she noted

“The fear that my mom has I do understand it as it is natural for any parent to worry about the future of her child but still they support me and I will do my best not letting her down, Ms Omari said. ”

Above all the achievements Ms Omari has attained, she still struggles as challenges are always there. According to her, the challenges she comes through are the interruption between her school timetable and her work, also some people around her discourage what she does with a note of scandal full models that the Tanzanian society has noted.

She further went on saying that parents should not discourage what their children do rather, they should groom their children so that they can be good and morally towards the activity as where the world is moving to, talents will matter.

“Some parents deny their children to sing, involve in modeling and other talents just because they see bad examples in the field but my advice to them is they should embrace the Talents God has given their children and up raise them morally so that they can be good and disciplined in what they do” she said

This blog went further looking for Rachel’s friend to see what views they had towards her activities.

Mathias Banzi is Rachel’s friend and a collegemate and according to him, Rachel is a hard working person with determination towards what she does.

He told this blog that Rachel is not only a good friend but also family to him as she has been there all the time advising and emphasizing him towards positivity.


“I have many friends but Rachel is one of a kind. she advises me positively, corrects me when I am wrong unlike others who pressure me to do anything I like, Rachel tells me to do what is right I really hope that her efforts pay well and she becomes successful” said Mr Banzi.

Another friend is Lilian Festo who is a roommate and college mate too who said that Rachel is now a bond to her, she is more of a sister than a friend as she has sparked good deeds and a good heart in her.

“I have known her for a year now but this short time has made me a sister to her and actually she has sparked goodness to me and I am totally supportive to whatever she does” she said

Ms Omari regards what she does as an activity that may help her in the future. She urges all the youth out there to wake up and do something productive as time I not a friend to count on.

For in a world of today has been taken over by fashion trends as people are more drawn to what you were like watches, shoes, clothes and colour selection.




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